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About Tutorial Versions

The tutorials listed in this manual can be obtained from GitHub, by cloning the geomesa-tutorials project:

$ git clone https://github.com/geomesa/geomesa-tutorials.git
$ cd geomesa-tutorials

Keep in mind that you should download or checkout the release version corresponding to the GeoMesa version you are using:

$ git checkout tags/geomesa-tutorials-$TUTORIAL_VERSION

In general, the major, minor, and patch version numbers of the tutorials release will match the corresponding numbers of the GeoMesa version. The tutorials version contains a fourth digit number permitting multiple releases per GeoMesa release.

You may also see the releases available, and download them directly from the geomesa-tutorials releases page.

Hadoop Version

Most of the tutorials encourage you to update the pom.xml to match the versions of the services you are using (Hadoop, ZooKeeper, Accumulo, etc.) However, there may be issues when incrementing the Hadoop version to 2.6 or above, which can result in Apache Curator version conflicts. Leaving the Hadoop version set to 2.2 in the tutorials pom.xml will work with all subsequent Hadoop 2.X releases.