GeoMesa Web Data

The GeoMesa Web Data modules is found in geomesa-web/geomesa-web-data in the source distribution.


The GeoMesa Web Data module is deprecated, and will be removed in an upcoming release.

Building Instructions

This project contains web services for accessing GeoMesa.

If you wish to build this project separately, you can with maven:

geomesa> mvn clean install -pl geomesa-web/geomesa-web-data

Installation Instructions

To install geomesa-web-data, extract all jars from geomesa-web/geomesa-web-data/target/geomesa-web-data-<version>-install.tar.gz into your geoserver lib folder. If not already installed, you will need to install the GeoMesa Accumulo plugin (see Installing GeoMesa Accumulo in GeoServer).