3. Versions and Downloads


The current recommended version of GeoMesa is 5.0.0.

GeoMesa requires Java to run. GeoMesa supports Java LTS versions 11 and 17.

3.1. Release Distributions

GeoMesa release distributions contain binary artifacts for using GeoMesa. They can be downloaded from GitHub.

3.2. Maven Integration

GeoMesa artifacts are hosted on Maven Central. However, there are several required third-party libraries that are only available in other repositories. To include GeoMesa in your project, add the following repositories to your pom:

  <!-- geotools -->
  <!-- confluent -->

and then include the desired geomesa-* dependencies:


For cutting-edge development, nightly snapshots are available from Eclipse:


3.3. Source Code

To build and install the source distribution requires:

Source can be cloned using Git or downloaded from GitHub.

To build, change to the source directory and use Maven:

$ mvn clean install

The full build takes quite a while. To speed it up, you may skip tests and use multiple threads. GeoMesa also provides the script build/mvn, which is a wrapper around Maven that downloads and runs Zinc, a fast incremental compiler:

$ build/mvn clean install -T8 -DskipTests

3.4. Upgrading

For details on changes between versions, see the Upgrade Guide.