14.4.3. GeoNames

This directory provides GeoNames GeoMesa ingest commands and converter configuration files.

GeoNames is a geographical database containing over 10 million geographical names and over 9 million unique features. All features are classified as one of nine feature codes and then again sub-categorized into one of 645 feature codes. This data is freely available directly from GeoNames’s website. Getting GeoNames data

The GeoNames data set can be downloaded using the provided download-data.sh script in $GEOMESA_HOME/bin/ as such

./download-data.sh geonames

providing a desired country code when prompted.

Alternatively, GeoNames data can be downloaded from GeoNames’s Server. Files are downloaded in .zip format and need to be unzipped to a text document before being ready for use. The entire database can be ingested using allCountries.txt or a subset (such as cities15000.txt) can be downloaded instead. Ingest Commands

Check that the geonames simple feature type is available on the GeoMesa tools classpath. This is the default case.

geomesa env | grep geonames

If it is not, merge the contents of reference.conf with $GEOMESA_HOME/conf/application.conf, or ensure that reference.conf is in $GEOMESA_HOME/conf/sfts/geonames

Run the ingest. You may optionally point to a different accumulo instance using -i and -z options. See geomesa help ingest for more detail. The most important detail is referencing the geonames SimpleFeatureType and geonames converter.

geomesa ingest -u USERNAME -c CATALOGNAME -s geonames -C geonames cities15000.txt