7.2. Accumulo Configuration

This section details Accumulo specific configuration properties. For general properties, see Runtime Configuration.

7.2.1. Batch Writer Properties

The following properties control the configuration of Accumulo BatchWriters. They map directly to the underlying BatchWriter methods. geomesa.batchwriter.latency.millis

See the Accumulo API geomesa.batchwriter.maxthreads

See the Accumulo API geomesa.batchwriter.memory

See the Accumulo API geomesa.batchwriter.timeout.millis

See the Accumulo API

7.2.2. Map Reduce Input Splits Properties

The following properties control the number of input splits for a map reduce job. See the Accumulo Docs geomesa.mapreduce.splits.max

Set the absolute number of splits when configuring a mapper instead of allowing Accumulo to create a split for each range or basing it on the number of tablet servers.

Setting this value overrides geomesa.mapreduce.splits.tserver.max. geomesa.mapreduce.splits.tserver.max

Set the max number of splits per tablet server when configuring a mapper. By default this value is calculated using Accumulo’s AbstractInputFormat.getSplits method which creates a split for each range. In some scenarios this may create an undesirably large number of splits.

This value is overwritten by geomesa.mapreduce.splits.max if it is set.

7.2.3. Zookeeper Session Timeout instance.zookeeper.timeout

See the Accumulo API