15. GeoMesa ConvertΒΆ

A configurable and extensible library for converting data into SimpleFeatures, found in geomesa-convert in the source distribution.

Converters for various different data formats can be configured and instantiated using the SimpleFeatureConverters factory and a target SimpleFeatureType. Converters are currently available for files in these formats:

  • delimited text (CSV, TSV)
  • fixed width text
  • Avro
  • JSON
  • XML

The converter allows the specification of fields extracted from the data and transformations on those fields. Syntax of transformations is very much like awk syntax. Fields with names that correspond to attribute names in the SimpleFeatureType will be directly populated in the result SimpleFeature. Fields that do not align with attributes in the SimpleFeatureType are assumed to be intermediate fields used for deriving attributes. Fields can reference other fields by name for building up complex attributes.

SimpleFeatureTypes and converters are specified as HOCON files readable by the Typesafe Config library.