9.2. Using the Bigtable Data Store ProgrammaticallyΒΆ

An instance of a Bigtable data store can be obtained through the normal GeoTools discovery methods, assuming that the GeoMesa code is on the classpath. The Bigtable data store also requires that an hbase-site.xml be located on the classpath; the connection parameters for the Bigtable data store are obtained from this file. For more information, see Connecting to Cloud Bigtable.

Map<String, Serializable> parameters = new HashMap<>;
parameters.put("bigtable.table.name", "geomesa");
org.geotools.data.DataStore dataStore =

The data store takes one parameter:

  • bigtable.table.name - the name of the Bigtable table that stores feature type data

More information on using GeoTools can be found in the GeoTools user guide.