10.3. Using the Cassandra Data Store in GeoServerΒΆ


For general information on working with GeoMesa GeoServer plugins, see GeoServer Plugins.

From the main GeoServer page, create a new store by either clicking “Add stores” in the middle of the Welcome page, or anywhere in the interface by clicking “Data > Stores” in the left-hand menu and then clicking “Add new Store”.

If you have properly installed the GeoMesa Cassandra GeoServer plugin as described in Installing GeoMesa Cassandra in GeoServer, “Cassandra (GeoMesa)” should be included in the list under Vector Data Sources. If you do not see this, check that you unpacked the plugin JARs into in the right directory and restart GeoServer.

On the “Add Store” page, select “Cassandra (GeoMesa)”. The Cassandra data store requires three parameters:

  • geomesa.cassandra.contact.point - the connection point for Cassandra, in the form <host>:<port> - for a default local installation this will be localhost:9042.
  • geomesa.cassandra.keyspace - the Cassandra keyspace to use (must exist already)
  • geomesa.cassandra.catalog.table - the name of the Cassandra table that stores feature type data

Click “Save”, and GeoServer will search Cassandra for any GeoMesa-managed feature types.