7.10. GeoMesa Raster

The Raster support in GeoMesa (in the geomesa-accumulo/geomesa-accumulo-raster module) is currently limited in scope and has a few important caveats that are noted here.

The Raster support was intended to contain image pyramids that are EPSG:4326 with tiles on the order of Kb in size. Any rasters attempted to be ingested will need to be tiled prior to ingest, and the tiles must have disjoint extents. Currently only single band images are supported. Sharding is not currently used to spread the table across the cluster.

7.10.1. Ingest

Currently ingest is accomplished by using the ingest-raster command in the GeoMesa Accumulo command line tools. See Working with raster data for more information.

7.10.2. GeoServer

The GeoMesa-GeoServer plugin contains the GeoMesaCoverageFormat which is used via the GeoServer UI to create a store for GeoMesa Raster table. Once a layer is published the data can be queried via WMS and WCS 1.0.0. Currently the Plugin is biased to grab tiles at a finer spatial resolution than the wms query window, and will down-sample the mosaic.

7.10.3. Building Instructions

If you wish to build this project separately, you can with mvn clean install

geomesa/geomesa-accumulo/geomesa-accumulo-raster$ mvn clean install

This will produce a JAR in target.