12.2. Using the Kafka Data Store Programmatically

12.2.1. Creating a Data Store

An instance of a Kafka data store can be obtained through the normal GeoTools discovery methods, assuming that the GeoMesa code is on the classpath. To create a KafkaDataStore there are two required properties, one for the Apache Kafka connection, kafka.brokers, and one for the Apache Zookeeper connection, kafka.zookeepers. An optional parameter, kafka.zk.path is used to specify a path in Zookeeper under which schemas are stored. If no zk path is specified then a default path will be used. Configuration parameters are described fully below.

Map<String, Serializable> parameters = new HashMap<>();
parameters.put("kafka.zookeepers", "localhost:2181");
parameters.put("kafka.brokers", "localhost:9092");
org.geotools.data.DataStore dataStore =

12.2.2. Kafka Data Store Parameters

The Kafka Data Store takes several parameters (required parameters are marked with *):

Parameter Type Description
kafka.brokers * String Kafka brokers, e.g. “localhost:9092”
kafka.zookeepers * String Kafka zookeepers, e.g “localhost:2181”
kafka.zk.path String Zookeeper discoverable path (namespace)
kafka.producer.config String Configuration options for kafka producer, in Java properties format. See Producer Configs
kafka.consumer.config String Configuration options for kafka consumer, in Java properties format. See New Consumer Configs
kafka.consumer.from-beginning Boolean Start reading from the beginning of the topic (vs ignore existing messages). If enabled, features will not be available for query until all existing messages are processed. However, feature listeners will still be invoked as normal.
kafka.consumer.count Integer Number of kafka consumers used per feature type. Set to 0 to disable consuming (i.e. producer only)
kafka.topic.partitions Integer Number of partitions to use in kafka topics
kafka.topic.replication Integer Replication factor to use in kafka topics
kafka.cache.expiry String Expire features from in-memory cache after this delay, e.g. “10 minutes”
kafka.cache.cleanup String Clean expired cache entries every so often, e.g. “60 seconds”. If not specified, expired features will be cleaned incrementally during reads and writes
kafka.cache.consistency String Check the feature cache for consistency at this interval, e.g. “1 hour”
kafka.cache.cqengine Boolean Use CQEngine-based implementation of in-memory feature cache
geomesa.query.loose-bounding-box Boolean Use loose bounding boxes, which offer improved performance but are not exact
geomesa.query.audit Boolean Audit incoming queries. By default audits are written to a log file
geomesa.security.auths String Default authorizations used to query data, comma-separated

More information on using GeoTools can be found in the GeoTools user guide.