20.17. Loading Converters and SFTs at RuntimeΒΆ

If you have defined converters or SimpleFeatureTypes in Typesafe Config you can place them on the classpath or load them with a ConverterConfigProvider or SimpleFeatureTypeProvider via Java SPI loading. By default, classpath and URL providers are provided. Placing a Typesafe Config file named reference.conf or application.conf containing properly formatted converters and SFTs (see the example application.conf in Using SFT and Converter Definitions with Command-Line Tools) in a JAR file on the classpath will enable the reference of the converters and SFTs using the public loader API:

// ConverterConfigLoader.scala
// Public API
def listConverterNames: List[String] = confs.keys.toList
def getAllConfigs: Map[String, Config] = confs
def configForName(name: String) = confs.get(name)

// SimpleFeatureTypeLoader.scala
// Public API
def listTypeNames: List[String] = sfts.map(_.getTypeName)
def sftForName(n: String): Option[SimpleFeatureType] = sfts.find(_.getTypeName == n)


The prepackaged SFTs and converters for public data sources provided with GeoMesa binary distributions are also available as an artifact that may be obtained via Maven or SBT. See Prepackaged Converter Definitions for more information.