10.7. HBase Index Configuration

GeoMesa exposes a variety of configuration options that can be used to customize and optimize a given installation. This section contains HBase-specific options; general options can be found under Index Configuration.

10.7.1. Setting File Compression

You can enable HBase file compression when creating a new SimpleFeatureType by setting the appropriate user data hints, or through the command line option. Valid compression types are snappy, lzo, gz, bzip2, lz4 or zstd.

SimpleFeatureType sft = ....;
sft.getUserData().put("geomesa.table.compression.enabled", "true");
sft.getUserData().put("geomesa.table.compression.type", "snappy");
geomesa-hbase create-schema --compression snappy ...

For more information on how to set schema options, see Setting Schema Options.