13.6. HBase Configuration

This section details HBase specific configuration properties. For general properties, see Runtime Configuration.

13.6.1. geomesa.hbase.config.paths

Additional configuration file paths, comma-delimited. The files will be added to the HBase configuration prior to creating a Connection. This property will be overridden by the data store configuration parameter, if both are specified.

13.6.2. geomesa.hbase.coprocessor.arrow.enable

Disable coprocessor scans for Arrow queries, and use local encoding instead.

13.6.3. geomesa.hbase.remote.filtering

Disable remote filtering. Remote filtering and coprocessors speed up queries, however they require the installation of custom JARs in HBase. Since this is not always possible, they can be disabled by setting this to false. This property will be overridden by the data store configuration parameter, if both are specified.

13.6.4. geomesa.hbase.wal.durability

Set the client side WAL (write ahead log) durability setting. This can improve performance when running large ingests where performance is of more concern than reliability. Available settings are:

  • ASYNC_WAL: Write the Mutation to the WAL asynchronously
  • FSYNC_WAL: Write the Mutation to the WAL synchronously and force the entries to disk.
  • SKIP_WAL: Do not write the Mutation to the WAL
  • SYNC_WAL: Write the Mutation to the WAL synchronously.
  • USE_DEFAULT: If this is for tables durability, use HBase’s global default value (SYNC_WAL).

For addtional information see HBase documentation.

13.6.5. geomesa.hbase.client.scanner.caching.size

Set the number of rows that scanners will read ahead. If not set, the default caching will apply as configured in hbase-site.xml. Higher caching values will enable faster scanners but will use more memory.

13.6.6. geomesa.hbase.query.block.caching.enabled

Set whether blocks should be cached for scans, true by default. When true, default settings of the table and family are used (this will never override caching blocks if the block cache is disabled for that family or entirely).