8.1. Environment and Status Commands

These commands are used to check the status of your environment. Required parameters are indicated with a *.

8.1.1. classpath

Displays the runtime classpath. This can be useful for debugging class-loading issues.

8.1.2. env

Displays SimpleFeatureTypes and GeoMesa converters available on the classpath. See Defining Simple Feature Types and Defining Simple Feature Converters for more information on adding SimpleFeatureTypes and converters to the classpath.

Argument Description
-s, --sfts Describe a specific SimpleFeatureType
-c, --converters Describe a specific converter
--describe-sfts Describe all SimpleFeatureTypes
--describe-converters Describe all converters
--list-converters List all available converter names
--list-sfts List all available type names
--format Format to output SimpleFeatureTypes, one of typesafe or spec
--concise Render the output without unnecessary whitespace
--exclude-user-data Don’t include user data in output

8.1.3. help

Lists available commands. The arguments for specific commands can be shown using help <command>.

8.1.4. ng

The ng command can be used to start, stop, get stats, or view the classpath from the command Nailgun server. See Nailgun Server for details.

8.1.5. version

Displays the version of the GeoMesa distribution.

8.1.6. version-remote

Displays the version of GeoMesa installed on the remote cluster, if available. This can be useful to ensure GeoMesa versions match across an install.