9.16.1. ADS-B Exchange (ADSBx)

This directory provides ADS-B Exchange GeoMesa ingest commands and converter configuration files.

ADSBx is the world’s largest data source of unfiltered flight data. Getting ADSBx data

ADSBx data can be downloaded by following the data retrieval steps found here: https://www.adsbexchange.com/data/ Ingest Commands

Check that adsbx simple feature type is available on the GeoMesa tools classpath. This is the default case.

geomesa env | grep adsbx

If it is not, merge the contents of reference.conf with $GEOMESA_HOME/conf/application.conf, or ensure that reference.conf is in $GEOMESA_HOME/conf/sfts/adsbx

The default ingest use case is to ingest a text file where each line is a valid json object. Converters

The converter definitions provided include: - adsbx-historical : For historical storage Ex. Accumulo, HBase, GeoMesa FSDS - adsbx-live : For live storage Ex. Kafka, Redis

These extend from a common converter named adsbx-base and provide additional configuration. For historical data storage, id-field is a unique concatenation formed from Icao, dtg, Lat, and Long. For live storage, only Icao is used as the id-field which ensures that the most recently processed observation is correctly presented for that aircraft.