7.5. Additional Index Implementations

GeoMesa supports additional index formats at runtime, using Java service providers. To add a new index, implement org.locationtech.geomesa.index.api.GeoMesaFeatureIndexFactory and register your class under META-INF/services, as described in the Java documentation.

Once an index is registered, it can be enabled through the SimpleFeatureType user data, as described in Customizing Index Creation.

Some additional indices are provided out-of-the-box:

7.5.1. S2/S3 Index

The S2 and S3 indices are based on the S2 library:

The S2 library represents all data on a three-dimensional sphere (similar to a globe). This makes it possible to build a worldwide geographic database with no seams or singularities, using a single coordinate system, and with low distortion everywhere compared to the true shape of the Earth.

The S2 index is a spatial index, identified by the name s2. The S3 index is a composite spatial and time index, identified by the name s3. The default time period for the S3 index can be configured through the user data key geomesa.s3.interval (see Configuring Z-Index Time Interval for reference).