9.16.10. T-Drive Trajectory Data

This directory provides T-Drive GeoMesa ingest commands and converter configuration files.

T-Drive is a project of Microsoft Research Asia. The overall project collected GPS tracks from over 30,000 taxis in Beijing for three months. These data were used to demonstrate a more efficient routing system.

Microsoft makes a small subsample of its data available for download. This is about one third of the taxis for a period of a week.

Before proceeding please check out the data description and included terms of use. Getting T-Drive data

The T-Drive data set can be downloaded using the provided download-data.sh script in $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/bin/ as such

./download-data.sh tdrive

Alternatively, download the T-Drive datasets from here download one or all of the zip files, then unzip into a convenient directory.

Each zip contains several hundred CSVs for a total of 7,952 files and nearly 15 million data points.

Each CSV is formatted as follows: > Taxi Identifier, Timestamp, Longitude, Latitude Example: > 102, 2008-02-02 13:34:27,116.30826,39.94702 Ingest Commands

Check that the tdrive simple feature type is available on the GeoMesa tools classpath. This is the default case.

$ geomesa-accumulo env | grep tdrive

If it is not, merge the contents of reference.conf with $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/conf/application.conf, or ensure that reference.conf is in $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/conf/sfts/tdrive.

Run the ingest. You may optionally point to a different accumulo instance using -i and -z options. See geomesa-accumulo help ingest for more detail.

$ geomesa-accumulo ingest -u USERNAME -c CATALOGNAME -s tdrive -C tdrive tdrive_data.txt

Any errors during the ingest will be logged to $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/logs.