17.4. Data ConsumersΒΆ

A GeoMesa Kafka data store will read features written to Kafka by another GeoMesa Kafka data store (or itself). It will continually pull data from the Kafka message queue and always represents the latest state of the simple features.


Kafka data stores only meant for writing can disable consuming messages by setting the data store configuration kafka.consumer.count to 0.

First, create the data store. For example:

import org.geotools.api.data.DataStoreFinder;

 String brokers = ...
 String zookeepers = ...

 // build parameters map
 Map<String, Serializable> params = new HashMap<>();
 params.put("kafka.brokers", brokers);
 params.put("kafka.zookeepers", zookeepers);

 // optional - to read all existing messages on the kafka topic
 params.put("kafka.consumer.from-beginning", java.lang.Boolean.TRUE);

 // create the data store
 KafkaDataStore ds = (KafkaDataStore) DataStoreFinder.getDataStore(params);

kakfa.brokers, kafka.zookeepers (and optional kafka.zk.path) must be consistent with the values used to create the Kafka data store producer.

It is assumed that createSchema was already called by a Kafka data store producer.

String typeName = ...
SimpleFeatureStore store = ds.getFeatureSource(typeName);

Filter filter = ...

Note that the data store will not start consuming features from Kafka for a given SimpleFeatureType until it is accessed, through either getFeatureSource() or getFeatureReader(). Once accessed, the store will continue consuming messages until dispose() is called.