21.6. Lambda Data Store Configuration

This section details Lambda specific configuration properties. For Accumulo specific properties, see Accumulo Configuration. For general properties, see Runtime Configuration.

21.6.1. Data Store Parameters

See Lambda Data Store Parameters for details on data store parameters

21.6.2. Miscellaneous Properties geomesa.kafka.replication

This property controls the replication factor for newly created Kafka topics. By default it is 1.

Note that this property will only be used if createSchema is called on the Lambda data store. If Kafka auto-topic creation is used instead, then the default Kafka configuration will take precedence. geomesa.lambda.persist.interval

This property controls how often features will be checked for expiration, and persisted to long-term storage. It should be specified as a duration, for example 1 minute. By default it is 60 seconds. geomesa.lambda.persist.lock.timeout

This property controls how long a data store instance will wait for a lock to persist features to long-term storage. In general, there is no need to wait for a lock, as it indicates that another instance is performing the writes. It should be specified as a duration, for example 100 millis. By default it is 1 second. geomesa.lambda.load.interval

This property controls how often Kafka will be polled for new features. It should be specified as a duration, for example 1 second. By default it is 100 millis. geomesa.zookeeper.security.enabled

This property should be set to true if security is enabled on the Zookeeper instance. By default it is false.