Store, index, query, and transform spatio-temporal data
at scale in Accumulo, HBase, Cassandra, and Kafka

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to ingest data into GeoMesa?

The GeoMesa command line tools provide an easy way to ingest data in variety of formats. Tools distributions are provided for all major back-end implemenations. See the user guide for information on setting up the command line tools: Installation

Why do my queries hang (never finish)?

Although it is possible to request such a large number of records that queries timeout or appear never to finish, the far more frequent cause of this behavior is a mis-configured cloud. Check to be sure that ports are open on all nodes; that clock-time is reasonably consistent among the nodes; and that all software versions are the same across your cluster.

Why are there multiple tables for my one feature?

GeoMesa supports secondary indexes, and we do this by using multiple support tables per feature (or group of features). See Index Overview for a discussion of the various indices used by GeoMesa.

Why is my CRS not being read?

If the GeoTools packages for reading EPSG data are on your classpath, review the permissions on your temporary directory. If multiple users share an environment, the temporary directory containing EPSG data can be owned by a different user.

Another option is to ensure that you are using your own, specific directory. To do that, include (substituting your username) when running a JVM.

What do I need to do to include GeoMesa in a shaded JAR?

If you rebundle GeoMesa as part of a larger project's JAR file, it is important to ensure that the manifest includes the proper entries for the service-provider interfaces (SPIs); otherwise, the various factories will be unable to find the implementations you expect.