16.4. Cassandra Command-Line Tools

The GeoMesa Cassandra distribution includes a set of command-line tools for feature management, ingest, export and debugging.

To install the tools, see Setting up the Cassandra Command Line Tools.

Once installed, the tools should be available through the command geomesa-cassandra:

$ geomesa-cassandra
INFO  Usage: geomesa-cassandra [command] [command options]

All Cassandra commands are described in the common tools chapter Command-Line Tools.

16.4.1. General Arguments

Most commands require you to specify the connection to Cassandra. This generally includes a contact point, key space, username and password. Specify the contact point and key space with --contact-point and --key-space (or -P and -k). Specify the username and password with --user and --password (or -u and -p). In order to avoid plaintext passwords in the bash history and process list, the password argument may be omitted, which will trigger a prompt for it later.