8.10. GeoMesa Scala Console

The GeoMesa tools have a scala-console command that starts a Scala REPL (read/evaluate/print/loop) configured for use with GeoMesa. The command will place the GeoMesa classpath and configuration for that distribution on the REPL’s classpath. Additionally it will preload commonly used imports. The command also comes with tooling that will provide the option to download and run the appropriate version Scala if it is not available. This is a portable install and will not alter the machine’s current configuration.

8.10.1. Example Usage

The following example was performed against the FileSystem data store generated by the GeoMesa FileSystem Quick Start. It shows how to use the scala-console command to connect to a FileSystem Datastore, discover the feature type names, get the schema and query for data.


This code is running against the output of the FileSystem Datastore. To reproduce this code exactly you must run the FileSystem Datastore Quickstart first.