17.14. Zookeeper-less UsageΒΆ

In anticipation of Kafka supporting Zookeeper-less installs, the Kafka Data Store no longer requires Zookeeper. When getting a data store instance, simply omit the Zookeeper connection info to run in Zookeeper-free mode.


It may appear that schemas have been lost if they are stored in Zookeeper and the Zookeeper connection is not specified.

To transition from a Zookeeper-based install to a Zookeeper-free one, re-create any existing feature types using the same topic. This may be done easily through the GeoMesa CLI:

$ ./geomesa-kafka migrate-zookeeper-metadata -b localhost:9092 -z localhost:2181
INFO  Migrating schema 'example-csv'
INFO  Complete

See Kafka Command-Line Tools for details.