21.5. Lambda Command-Line Tools

The GeoMesa Lambda distribution includes a set of command-line tools for feature management, ingest, export and debugging.

To install the tools, see Setting up the Lambda Command Line Tools.

Once installed, the tools should be available through the command geomesa-lambda:

$ geomesa-lambda
INFO  Usage: geomesa-lambda [command] [command options]

Commands that are common to multiple back ends are described in Command-Line Tools. Features persisted to Accumulo can be accessed through the Accumulo Command-Line Tools.

21.5.1. General Arguments

The Lambda tools require all the same parameter as the Accumulo Command-Line Tools. In addition, the connection to Kafka must be specified. This is done through --brokers (or -b). The Zookeeper server can be specified through --kafka-zookeepers, or will use the Accumulo Zookeepers otherwise.