9.13. Fixed-Width Text Converter

The fixed-width text converter handles text files that follow a fixed format. To use the fixed-width converter, specify type = "fixed-width" in your converter definition.

9.13.1. Configuration

fields in a fixed-width converter support two additional attributes, start and width. These define the offset and length of each field in relation to the entire record.

9.13.2. Transform Functions

The transform element supports referencing the fixed-width substring through $0. Each column will initially be a string, so further transforms may be necessary to create the correct type. See Transformation Function Overview for available functions.

9.13.3. Example Usage

Suppose you have a SimpleFeatureType that consists of a sole geometry: *geom:Point:srid=4326. Your input data is a fixed-width file where the latitude and longitude are defined as 2 digit numbers, following a single digit prefix:


The following Typesafe Config string defines an appropriate converter for taking this data and transforming it into our SimpleFeatureType:

geomesa.converters.example = {
  type     = "fixed-width",
  id-field = "uuid()",
  options = {
    validators = []
  fields = [
    { name = "lat",  start = 1, width = 2, transform = "$0::double" },
    { name = "lon",  start = 3, width = 2, transform = "$0::double" },
    { name = "geom", transform = "point($lon, $lat)" }