9.16. Prepackaged Converter DefinitionsΒΆ

GeoMesa Tools distributions contain several prepackaged converters for common, publicly available data sources. These converters are bundled with the command-line tools in the GeoMesa binary distributions, in individual directories under conf/sfts, which are included by the conf/reference.conf file.

These prepackaged converters can also be obtained in a JAR that can be placed on the classpath of your project. This JAR may be obtained via Maven or SBT by requesting the geomesa-tools_2.12 artifact with the data classifier. For example, for Maven add the following to your POM:



The examples in the sections below are often specific to the GeoMesa Accumulo distribution, but the general principle is the same for each distribution. Only the home variable (e.g. $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME) and command-line tool name will differ depending on GeoMesa distribution.