9.16.4. GeoNames

This directory provides GeoNames GeoMesa ingest commands and converter configuration files.

GeoNames is a geographical database containing over 10 million geographical names and over 9 million unique features. All features are classified as one of nine feature codes and then again sub-categorized into one of 645 feature codes. This data is freely available directly from GeoNames’s website. Getting GeoNames data

The GeoNames data set can be downloaded using the provided download-data.sh script in $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/bin/ as such

./download-data.sh geonames

providing a desired country code when prompted.

Alternatively, GeoNames data can be downloaded from GeoNames’s Server. Files are downloaded in .zip format and need to be unzipped to a text document before being ready for use. The entire database can be ingested using allCountries.txt or a subset (such as cities15000.txt) can be downloaded instead. Ingest Commands

Check that the geonames simple feature type is available on the GeoMesa tools classpath. This is the default case.

$ geomesa-accumulo env | grep geonames

If it is not, merge the contents of reference.conf with $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/conf/application.conf, or ensure that reference.conf is in $GEOMESA_ACCUMULO_HOME/conf/sfts/geonames

Run the ingest. You may optionally point to a different accumulo instance using -i and -z options. See geomesa-accumulo help ingest for more detail. The most important detail is referencing the geonames SimpleFeatureType and geonames converter.

$ geomesa-accumulo ingest -u USERNAME -c CATALOGNAME -s geonames -C geonames cities15000.txt