9.16.8. OpenStreetMap GPX Data

This converter handles GPS data traces from the OpenStreetMap project. The GPS traces are a series of latitude/longitude pairs collected by OSM or uploaded by users. The datasets were last updated in 2013. Getting OSM-GPX Data

The OSM-GPX data set can be downloaded using the provided download-data.sh script in $GEOMESA_HOME/bin/:

$ ./download-data.sh osm-gpx

Alternatively, download OSM_GPX data here. It is formatted in the GPX 1.0 format, which is an XML format described by this XSD. Extracting the Data

Extract the downloaded tar.xz file into an appropriate directory. Note that it is important to keep the file structure of the extracted data, as it contains information on the track IDs that isn’t available in the raw XML.

$ cd /tmp
$ tar -xvf gpx-planet-2013-04-09.tar.xz Ingest Command

Check that the osm-gpx simple feature type is available on the GeoMesa tools classpath. This is the default case.

$ geomesa-accumulo env | grep osm-gpx

If it is not, merge the contents of reference.conf with $GEOMESA_HOME/conf/application.conf, or ensure that reference.conf is in $GEOMESA_HOME/conf/sfts/osm-gpx.

Run the ingest. The exact command name will vary based on your back-end distribution. Try geomesa help ingest for available options.

$ geomesa ingest -s osm-gpx -C osm-gpx '/tmp/gpx-planet-2013-04-09/**/*.gpx'

Note: be sure to use single quotes around the path to prevent the shell from expanding the wildcards.