12.9. Conversion Processors

12.9.1. ConvertToGeoFile

The ConvertToGeoFile processor uses GeoMesa’s internal converter framework to convert files into geospatially-enabled formats and pass them along as a flow to be used by other processors in NiFi. The following output formats are supported: Arrow, Avro, 16-byte binary encoded, CSV, GML 2 and 3, JSON, Leaflet (HTML), Orc, Parquet, and TSV.

The ConvertToGeoFile processor also supports the converter properties detailed in Converter Processors.



Output format

The output format to use

GZIP level

Level of gzip compression to apply to output, from 1-9

Include headers

Include header line in delimited export formats (CSV and TSV)


The ConvertToGeoAvro processor has been deprecated and replaced with the more flexible ConvertToGeoFile processor.

12.9.2. GeoAvro Record Writer

GeoMesa also provides a record writer which will write out data in the GeoAvro format. See GeoAvroRecordSetWriterFactory for more information.