12.4. Record Processors

The record-based processor (PutGeoMesaRecord) accepts the following configuration parameters for specifying the input source:



Record reader

The Record Reader to use for deserializing the incoming data

Feature type name

Name to use for the simple feature type schema. If not specified, will use the name from the record schema

Feature ID column

Column that will be used as the feature ID. If not specified, a random ID will be used

Keep Feature ID as attribute

If Feature ID column is specified, also keep the column as an attribute in the feature type

Geometry columns

Column(s) that will be deserialized as geometries, and their type, as a SimpleFeatureType specification string (e.g. the_geom:Point). A ‘*’ can be used to indicate the default geometry column, otherwise it will be the first geometry in the schema

Geometry serialization format

The format to use for serializing/deserializing geometries, either WKT or WKB

JSON columns

Column(s) that contain valid JSON documents, comma-separated (must be STRING type columns)

Default date column

Column to use as the default date attribute (must be a DATE or TIMESTAMP type column)

Visibilities column

Column to use for feature visibilities (see Data Security)

Schema user data

User data used to configure the GeoMesa SimpleFeatureType, in the form ‘key1=value1,key2=value2’

12.4.1. GeoAvroRecordSetWriterFactory

GeoMesa also provides a record writer that can be used to produce GeoAvro files from any NiFi processor that supports record-based output. The writer factory uses the same properties detailed above.