8.4. HBase Heatmaps

GeoMesa on HBase can leverage server side processing to accelerate heatmap (density) queries. GeoMesa uses a custom coprocessor running on the HBase Region Servers so that density calculation are done at the data. The per-region results are then returned to GeoServer, combined there, and served. This functionality can be accessed using the geomesa:Density WPS process.

In order to use the density process you must:

  • Install the server side code on your HBase cluster _hbase_deploy_distributed_runtime
  • Register the coprocessors site wide or for the table you wish to use _registering_coprocessors:
  • Install the WPS processes in GeoServer _GeoMesa-process
  • Install the heatmap SLD in GeoServer _install-heatmap-sld

8.4.1. Install Heatmap SLD

In order to style the density result to produce a heatmap, GeoServer needs a Style Layer Descriptor (SLD).

To start, add a new SLD style to GeoServer named “heatmap” and use this sld heatmap.sld

Instruction on how to install SLDs can be found here GeoServer Styles.

Now you can change the style parameter to be styles=heatmap in the Layer Preview or PNG preview in GeoServer.


You may have to change the layer configuration to support publishing the heatmap style.