8.2. Using the HBase Data Store ProgrammaticallyΒΆ

An instance of an HBase data store can be obtained through the normal GeoTools discovery methods, assuming that the GeoMesa code is on the classpath. The HBase data store also requires that an hbase-site.xml be located on the classpath; the connection parameters for the HBase data store, including hbase.zookeeper.quorum and hbase.zookeeper.property.clientPort, are obtained from this file.

Map<String, Serializable> parameters = new HashMap<>();
parameters.put("bigtable.table.name", "geomesa");
org.geotools.data.DataStore dataStore =

The data store takes one parameter:

  • bigtable.table.name - the name of the HBase table that stores feature type data

More information on using GeoTools can be found in the GeoTools user guide.