12.8. Ingress Processors

12.8.1. GetGeoMesaKafkaRecord

The GetGeoMesaKafkaRecord processor provides the ability to read messages written by the GeoMesa Kafka data store and output them as NiFi records for further processing.


The GetGeoMesaKafkaRecord has not been tested with multiple processor threads, and may not work as expected. kafka.consumer.count can be used to configure the number of consumer threads in a given processor.




The Kafka brokers, in the form of host1:port1,host2:port2


The Kafka zookeepers, in the form of host1:port1,host2:port2


The zookeeper discoverable path, used to namespace schemas

Type Name

The simple feature type name to read

Kafka Group ID

The Kafka consumer group ID, used to track messages read

Record Writer

The NiFi record writer service used to serialize records

Geometry Serialization Format

The format to use for serializing geometries, either text or binary

Include Visibilities

Include a column with visibility expressions for each row

Include User Data

Include a column with user data from the SimpleFeature, serialized as JSON

Record Maximum Batch Size

The maximum number of records to output in a single flow file

Record Minimum Batch Size

The minimum number of records to output in a single flow file

Record Max Latency

The maximum delay between receiving a message and writing it out as a flow file. Takes precedence over minimum batch size if both are set

Consumer Poll Timeout

The amount of time to wait for new records before writing out a flow file, subject to batch size restrictions

Kafka Initial Offset

The initial offset to use when reading messages from a new topic


The number of consumers (threads) to use for reading messages


Configuration options for the kafka consumer, in Java properties format

Note that any processors with the same Kafka Group ID will split messages between the processors, as per standard Kafka consumer group behavior. Generally this is not desirable, and a unique group ID should be used for each processor. Attributes

The GetGeoMesaKafkaRecord will set the following NiFi expression attributes, for use in the configured record writer:




The name of the Feature ID column in the output record


The name and types of any geometry columns in the output record, comma-separated


The name of the default date column in the output record


The name of any JSON-type string columns in the output record, comma-separated


The name of the visibilities column in the output record