12.10. Cloud Provider Integrations

12.10.1. AWS Credentials Integration

The GeoMesa HBase and FileSystem processors support AWS integration through a configurable AWSCredentialsProviderService. This provides pluggable credentials for accessing S3, which can be used as a backing object store for HBase and the FileSystem data store.

12.10.2. GetHDFS Processor with Azure Integration

It is possible to use the Hadoop Azure Support to access Azure Blob Storage using HDFS. You can leverage this capability to have the GetHDFS processor pull data directly from the Azure Blob store. However, due to how the GetHDFS processor was written, the fs.defaultFS configuration property is always used when accessing wasb:// URIs. This means that the wasb:// container you want the GetHDFS processor to connect to must be hard coded in the HDFS core-site.xml config. This causes two problems. Firstly, it implies that we can only connect to one container in one account on Azure. Secondly, it causes problems when using NiFi on a server that is also running GeoMesa-Accumulo as the fs.defaultFS property needs to be set to the proper HDFS master NameNode.

There are two ways to circumvent this problem. You can maintain a core-site.xml file for each container you want to access but this is not easily scalable or maintainable in the long run. The better option is to leave the default fs.defaultFS value in the HDFS core-site.xml file. We can then leverage the Hadoop Configuration Resources property in the GetHDFS processor. Normally you would set the Hadoop Configuration Resources property to the location of the core-site.xml and the hdfs-site.xml files. Instead we are going to create an additional file and include it last in the path so that it overwrites the value of the fs.defaultFS when the configuration object is built. To do this simply create a new xml file with an appropriate name (we suggest the name of the container). Insert the fs.defaultFS property into the file and set the value.