12.6. Record Update ProcessorsΒΆ

GeoMesa provides processors for record-based updates to existing features (UpdateGeoMesa*Record). Compared to the ingest processors in modify mode, only the fields in the record will be updated, while other fields in the existing feature will be preserved. Record update processors accept the following configuration parameters for specifying the input source. Each datastore-specific processor also has additional parameters for connecting to the datastore, detailed in the following sections.



Record reader

The Record Reader to use for deserializing the incoming data

Feature type name

Name of the simple feature type schema to update. If not specified, will use the name from the record schema

Lookup column

Column that will be used to match features for update

Feature ID column

Column that will be used as the feature ID

Geometry columns

Column(s) that will be deserialized as geometries, and their type, as a SimpleFeatureType specification string (e.g. the_geom:Point)

Geometry serialization format

The format to use for serializing/deserializing geometries, either WKT or WKB

Visibilities column

Column to use for feature visibilities (see Data Security)